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As I walked through the door, I sensed that Sally hadn’t really committed to living in her home. There was a sense of transience and uneasiness in the house. We decided that decluttering the ex-boyfriend’s presence was a good start! Then we clarified that although the long term plan was to sell, Sally would stay for a year. A new business idea was hatching and a growing sense of dissatisfaction at work. She needed time to build her confidence for the changes ahead. House Counsel set to work and the hall, the Feng Shui area for life’s purpose was decluttered and ownership claimed. Here are the pictures to prove it! Sally now feels supported every time she walks through the door and is met by her strong intention to move forward on her life. So happy to help.

House Counsel


Today, House Counsel tackled Jayne’s new rental back yard. Although small, it has a lovely woodland feel and provides a pleasing perspective from the hall and kitchen. With the swing removed, the washing line rehung to catch the sun and then reeled away and the bin moved out of sight, we could begin! Budget €150. We visited Woodies, scouring for a bargain… We found a tall planter which we upended to serve as a stand for Jayne’s sitting buddha- a gift from a friend about to take the nun’s veil- and end of the line willow arches (€30).  We picked up red pennisetum, bamboo, cylamen, snowdrops and crocuses for the spring. Also 6 lavender plants from Homebase (€22 ) for a fragrant hedge visible from the kitchen sink. The red grass and bamboo will form a stage for the buddha which draws the eye all the way from the front door, the cyclamen and snow drops nestle at his feet like supplicants, all perfect in a little urban woodland.

6 hours of digging , including a secret circle of crocuses in the lawn and the garden is made over!

                                     Garden Newtown Mews (before 2)
                                                                      Garden Newtown Mews (after)

House Counsel
kitchen befprekitchen afterToday House Counsel visited a home that is going to be sold. I was asked to declutter, rearrange and use a bit of feng shui to clear the stagnant feeling in the house. 
 Lilly is living there with her young son. Life is in transition for her, she wishes for the space and tranquility to help her arrive at some important decisions as well as prepare the house for new occupants. Lilly is a fabulous cook and has a huge array of cooking equipment. We couldn’t quite neutralise the space enough for sale but we could make it more serene to be in and thus more appealing for potential viewers. After 4 hours of clearing, we brought balance and clarity to the way the kitchen was organised- the heart of the house for Lilly.
garden before
cat garden
The abundance area next to the patio doors was decluttered and we placed the chinese wealth symbols that Lilly happened to have, the fish, the money frog, empty vessels and luscious green plants on the shelving. The opposite shelves homed her son’s crayons and jelly bean dispenser, the bread board, pots and pans and a balanced arrangement of candles and planting on top.
Abundance spilled out onto the patio with nasturtiums climbing up the trellis and pots of bright fuchsias. We also decluttered the relationship corner in the kitchen, rationalised the cupboard contents and putting the remaining objects in pairs – surprisingly pleasing to the eye. The house was now cleaner and brighter and easier to manage, says Lilly.
 Lilly and her son have now moved. I hope House Counsel helped make the change.
House Counsel
House Counsel has been bartering for hot yoga classes at the House of Yoga, Waterford a while now. I have feng shuied, chosen colours, rearranged chairs and pebbles and flowers. It was time for a bigger challenge- the new waiting room. Understanding the importance of chakras in our bodies is at the heart of House of Yoga, the wonderful new yoga practise created by Karla Kelly. It is also at the heart of her of yoga logo

 I came up with the idea of making a Chakra Room, so the students would be INSIDE a rainbow! What better way to prep for a class! With the help of the steady hand and paint mixing skills of artist Veronica Kladnakova, 8 hours later the job was done. A cunningly matched carpet was picked up at a local thrift store and the room was ready to warrior pose! Serendipity shined on us, as the Irish Equality Marriage vote was pending and Karla promoted the room as part of the Yes Campaign. The Yes vote carried the day and Ireland became a more chakra-balanced country! Woo hoo! Can House Counsel take a tiny bit of credit for that? You decide. :-) I can report that the students are saying the new waiting room makes them feel happy- and that makes me happy! House Counsel- Find the heart in your Yoga Waiting Room!

                                                                            yoga beforeyoga after1yoga afer 2

House Counsel


Perseverance is a quality admired by some. I am congratulating myself today for finally decluttering my partner’s bookcase. It took a year. Please admire Before and After. Ahh, satisfaction!

Allan before
Allan after cropped


House Counsel


Off to the Electric Picnic Arts and Music Festival in a hired Enterprise van for 3 nights. House Counsel was charged with turning the van into a cosy sleeping and eating chamber and also a sacred safe place to recharge. I used whatever rugs and bedspreads were to hand and a trippy roll of wrapping paper from Ikea – super thrifty – to cover the walls and floors. For lighting I used a battery fairy light string and a stick up LED light. Clothes were hung from hooks and hangers. There was even a dressing table. The  driving cab was turned into the larder and drinks cabinet. This was not camping, not glamping… but vanping!! An exciting departure for House Counsel. Perhaps a fleet of vans next year?





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