House Counsel


1. Rearrange and declutter consultation

  • pebblesIncluded during home visit: House Counsel looks at the gap between your dream home and its current reality and how to close that gap with low or no cost changes
  • walk-through assessment of all the rooms
  • design suggestions
  • rearrange and declutter there and then or guide lines
  • written summary
  • to do list


2. Shifting the Salesand castle_2

House Counsel will help you sell your house by analysing and improving the way it is currently arranged and presented to the potential buyer. Be prepared for tough love and quick results! Decluttering can be truly effective, clearing the way for new owners. Something as simple as the correct placement of a vase of flowers or the clearing of a shelf can transform a room.

water castle3. Turn around the Rental

House Counsel will help you rent your property by analyzing the way it is currently arranged and presented to the potential tenant. Simply a thorough clean and fix up will restore a tired property. An immaculate, perfectly functioning and neutral space will attract good tenants. Include the outside space: even a planter at the door creates allure! 


4. Doing the Turnaroundsummer house

House Counsel can put the list of works into swift action with our team of cleaners, decorators and handymen. The smallest repairs and adjustments can make a huge difference. A quick estimate for the work can be drawn up, then quickly and efficiently carried out with clear communication about costs and a guarantee of excellent standards. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly- kinder to your environment, our cleaners and the planet!

Fee: £/€ – a fair and clear price- for whatever work is involved- from a thorough clean and appliance servicing to full repairs and decoration.

5. interiorHouse Dressing

House Counsel offers the service of dressing an empty property to prepare for sale or rent that will transform a dismal feeling property into an attractive one. I will shop to any budget and make magic room by room!

6. Declutteringpebbles before

House Counsel will help you with the often daunting task of clearing your stuff.  Together we can set a timetable of tasks and I can monitor and nudge along your progress. I can help you organize the removal of your clutter to recycling and charity depots. Setting achievable goals can turn mountains into molehills!

pebbles after7. Garden design

House Counsel will draw up a cost effective planting scheme and design for your outside space that meets your wishes and needs. Your front garden should welcome and your back garden nurture . 

  • consultation and written analysis and planting list  

front door8. Deep Retro-fit in Ireland

House Counsel offers advice and a detailed game plan for upgrading the energy rating of your home. From a simple consultation to the full hand holding through the labyrinth of grant applications and the multiple choices on offer. Make your home cosy and energy-efficient and better for the planet!  

cosmic-garden--300x1969. Refurbishment

House Counsel can draw up simple plans, liaise with your builder or our in-house builder and suggest the lowest cost options available without compromising quality or style.

10. Energy reading and clearing of your home.chime tree

Our homes are a reflection of our selves and sometimes the people who used to live in them! Often we have blocked energy in certain areas leading to poor sleeping patterns in bedrooms, or lack of movement in certain areas of our lives such as career or relationships. I offer energy reading and clearing using feng shui and simple shamanic cleansing tools. The difference can feel amazing, lifting the atmosphere- give it a whirl! House Counsel also offers distance energy reading and clearing. 

11. Analysis of architect plans and technical drawings. newgrange wall

Signing off on a final design is a big decision. House Counsel can help you envisage what your new or adapted space will feel like by reading the plans and make suggestions that will help it be a comfortable and well functioning home.
Email your plans and I will assess them either with a written analysis or a Skype consultation.



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