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  House CounselI have known Julia for 15 years and in that time she has designed two gardens and House Counseled three houses for me.   Julia is extremely intuitive and sensitive and seems to have a connection with the environment she is working in.  Her ability to transform spaces indoors or outdoors to areas that feel relaxed, lighter, clean, optimistic  is quite extraordinary to witness.  By simply moving furniture around, clearing spaces, putting plants in corners, placing mirrors, colours she is able to clear blocked energy and create a tranquil, stress free space.  She performs her work with tact and kindness.  It is always interesting to me my resistance to moving furniture or objects around and letting go.  The most recent House Counsel I was so aware of this but when Julia had finished, as per usual, the room felt completely different.  I would highly recommend Julia – sometimes we cannot see the way forward or feel too overwhelmed – mess is stress – no question.  Thank you Julia – value you and the service you so generously provide. JAYNE FITZMAURICE, Waterford.
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House Counsel
Hi Julia, I found your service great. I liked the fact that you used what was already in my house and got me to look at it in a different way. I found it amazing that in changing a few bits of furniture about the room made such a difference. I would recommend you to anyone who has not a lot of money to spend on doing up their house and have already bits of furniture that they are unsure if it suits where it is at the moment,or only have the money for a tin of paint to do a room up . Thanks again… Fenella.   Fenella Foley, The Hook Peninsular, Wexfordgratitude forest
 House Counsel

Over the last 15 years I have found Julia’s advice and help completely inspiring and life changing.

I was living in a ‘studio’ flat – very open plan – and the space felt like one big mess. Over the course of a weekend, julia literally transformed my messy, disorganised room into a haven. She created different ‘zones’ (sleeping, eating, relaxing…) had inspired ideas about how best to use my furniture – an unruly and unattracitve dressing table became a stylish and uber useful tallboy with the help of a little sawing! we chose a beautiful colour for the walls, found with perfect serendipity a room dividing bookcase on the street. She had amazing space saving ideas, storage solutions and even helped me organize my chaotic papers! With creative,simple and fantastically affordable solutions Julia transformed my living space and my life – everything had a place not only practical but beautiful in both look and the feeling it gave me to be at home.

Most recently Julia has been advising my husband and I on our house building project. We have bought a delapidated old house and have been given permission to knock it down and build a new house. She was able to diagnose an energy blockage within the existing building – Julia was able to do this simply by studying the plans (as we live in London) and we were amazed to discover that the areas which she had designated as containing trapped energy were areas where water had been coming up into the house from the ground. Julia suggested a simple energy clearing ritual and things cleared beautifullly. She has also coming up with some wonderful ideas for the new space.

She has a deeply instinctive,creative,sensitive, inspiring and joyful approach to her work. She understands how to implement changes concerning anything from the most practical hands-on solutions to being able to transform the energetic and spiritual feeling in your space. She is a House Angel!!!!!   Ruth Lass, London.

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Dear Julia,
Thank you so much for the work you have done in my house. 
Even though I am not a hoarder, I have a lot of things as I have so many interests.  I thought that I had arranged my home in an efficient manner considering the space.  It felt full but practical. The only issue I had was that some of my nicer things were not displayed to their advantage. A few hours of your time has completely transformed my house, especial my kitchen, the most important room in my home.The great thing is that I didn’t have to part with anything. It was just a simple matter of reorganising! Now the house not only feels practical and less cluttered but it feels so much cleaner and brighter. It is definitely easier to keep tidy! I am recommending house counsel to everyone I know. With respect, Elisa



House Counsel

Julia came to my house twice over a few weeks to help me declutter. Her intuitive knowledge and wisdom about space and energy really helped me to get clear about what I needed to do. We also went shopping together and even with a very small budget we managed to get everything on my list! My house and home now is happier and I feel more grounded and at peace where I live than I ever have. If you have been feeling cluttered in your life,then I’d highly recommend Julia’s House Counsel. It helps clear space in your life- not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.

KARLA KELLY Waterford.let go

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Thank you so much for your help and advice about improving, and continuing to improve, my rambling old house here in Fife Scotland. I have always disliked “readymade kitchens” and so am totally won over by your thrifty and thoughtful suggestions concerning my own one here. I am also amazed by your ability to remember details. When I phone you or email you (which I do often!)  you seem able to recall colours, textures and the position of things as if you were here yesterday and not nearly a year ago. I think what I am trying to say is you have a genuine gift for design and a genuine interest in helping others make the most of what they already have. Last year I said to you I was thinking seriously about taking down a thick supporting wall in order to enlarge the kitchen and you looked around the room and suggested that instead of such a huge expensive change I should try swapping my large kitchen table for a smaller one. I did and success! The simplest of ideas with a wealth of experience behind it. Thanks Julia. House Counsel is fantastic. Patricia.

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