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Welcome to House Counsel!

Version 3I am Julia Lane and House Counsel is my design and declutter advice service for you and your home.My goal is to help you upgrade your living space to the healthy, organised, lovely environment that you deserve- all on a shoestring!

Changing our homes isn’t always about changing location – sometimes, we need to alter the space where we already find ourselves and the choices and options available for new homemakers and home improvers alike can be bewildering. Whether you are moving or improving – finding a new home, changing a bedroom into an office, making a bigger kitchen- whatever your plan may be, we’ll start by exploring where your home supports your needs and where it does not. Your home best serves you when it reflects your current needs and desires, aligning with your present life. A fresh start is a chance to let go of the past and the things that gather there. Is it time to let go of possessions that no longer serve? 

Our homes also reflect how we feel about ourselves. How much beauty, order and nurturing does your home reflect back to you?

I passionately believe everyone deserves a serene, well-organised haven to thrive in. With a little planning, every home can be just that. It would be my great pleasure to help you. 

During House Counsel you can expect:

  • compassionate joint enquiry
  • sensitive decluttering
  • subtle feng shui
  • powerful energy clearing 
  • good old-fashioned cleaning!

      After House Counsel you can expect:

  • a home you love and thrive in
  • an organised space
  • an healthier environment

House Counsel:  find the heart in your home

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